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All living and nonliving things in the world experience degradation. The human body, society, and the environment in which one lives all simultaneously decay. I’m working closely with this concept to highlight internal and interpersonal dynamics through my sculptures. I seek to portray the fragile result of these inevitable processes by using forms that suggest or directly reference the human body because the progression of our own decay is what unifies us all.

I use latex, wax, fabric, and paper because the texture of these materials imitates flesh and muscle. The colors of the different works within the series speak to phases of physical and post mortem decay and moral atrophy. I take something that is personal, a dress shirt that covers the body, and use it to expose and juxtapose hidden and known characteristics that define us as individuals. The figures’ positions simultaneously promote moments of hope, relief, and distress. I seek to create moments of uncertainty to emphasize the idea of a struggle because I see mortality as a continuous and unbounded endeavor experienced by all whether it’s known or unknown by an individual. There are also elements of competition and interaction amongst the figures, mimicking power dynamics and moral corruption, which accompanies all our physical decay.

I visualize these different types of decay, which are reflected in us, both living and dead through the sculptural process. My work is about both the internal and external struggle of living in the world and leaving it behind.

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